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Scarlet fever is a contagious infection

that ordinarily influences younger children. it is without difficulty dealt with with antibiotics.

check when you have scarlet fever
the primary signs and symptoms of scarlet fever may be flu-like symptoms, which include a high temperature of 38C or above and swollen neck glands (big lump at the side of your neck).

A rash seems some days later.

A red, patchy rash on a younger infant's chest and tummy
A pink-crimson rash comes out, which seems like sandpaper and seems like sunburn. It begins on the chest and tummy
A red and swollen tongue with a white coating
A white coating also seems at the tongue. This peels, leaving it red and swollen ("strawberry tongue")
A red, patchy rash on a young infant's face
The rash would not appear at the face, but the cheeks may be flushed
The symptoms are the identical for youngsters and adults, despite the fact that scarlet fever is tons rarer in adults.

See a GP in case you or your toddler:
has scarlet fever symptoms
does not get better in per week (after seeing the GP), particularly in case your child has recently had chickenpox
is unwell again weeks after scarlet fever has cleared up – this could be a sign of a hassle, inclusive of pneumonia
Scarlet fever could be very infectious. take a look at with the GP earlier than you go in. they may suggest a telephone consultation.

What happens at your appointment
GPs can frequently diagnose scarlet fever through searching on the tongue and rash. occasionally they will:

wipe a cotton bud across the again of the throat to test for bacteria
set up a blood take a look at
Treating scarlet fever
Your GP will prescribe antibiotics. those don't cure scarlet fever, but they'll help you get higher quicker. additionally they reduce the threat of great ailments, which includes pneumonia.

it's crucial to maintain taking antibiotics till they're finished, even when you experience higher.

things you can do your self
you can relieve signs of scarlet fever via:

drinking cool fluids
eating smooth meals to ease a sore throat
taking painkillers like paracetamol to deliver down a temperature (do not deliver aspirin to kids underneath sixteen)
using calamine lotion or antihistamine pills to prevent itching
How lengthy scarlet fever lasts
Scarlet fever lasts for around every week.

you are infectious from as much as 7 days before the signs and symptoms begin and till:

24 hours after you take the primary antibiotic pill
2 weeks after signs and symptoms start, if you do not take antibiotics
Is scarlet fever risky?
inside the beyond, scarlet fever changed into a critical infection, but antibiotics imply it is now much less common and easier to treat.

instances of scarlet fever have extended in current years. Public health England statistics the quantity of scarlet fever infections each yr.

complications are uncommon however can encompass:

ear infection
throat abscess
rheumatic fever
human beings with the pores and skin situation impetigo are much more likely to get headaches.

being pregnant recommendation
there may be no proof to suggest that getting scarlet fever in the course of being pregnant will damage your toddler. but it is able to make you sense ill, so it is high-quality to avoid near contact with each person who has it.

touch your GP if you do get signs and symptoms.

The antibiotics used for scarlet fever are usually safe to take all through pregnancy.

a way to keep away from spreading scarlet fever
Scarlet fever may be very infectious and might easily spread to other people.

To reduce the chance of spreading scarlet fever:

wash arms regularly with cleaning soap and warm water
use tissues to trap germs from coughs or sneezes
bin used tissues as speedy as feasible
proportion cutlery, cups, towels, clothes, bedding or baths
A scar is a mark left on the pores and skin after a wound or harm has healed.

Scars are a herbal a part of the restoration system. most will fade and end up paler over time, although they never absolutely disappear.

kinds of scars
A scar can be a best line or a pitted hole at the skin, or an unusual overgrowth of tissue.

everyday satisfactory-line scars
A minor wound like a reduce will generally heal to leave a pink, raised line, for you to steadily get paler and flatter through the years.

This manner can take up to two years. The scar might not disappear absolutely and you will be left with a seen mark or line.

first-class-line scars are not unusual following a wound or after surgical treatment. They are not usually painful, however they will be itchy for some months.

On darker skin sorts, the scar tissue may additionally fade to depart a brown or white mark. A faded scar may be more obvious on tanned skin due to the fact scar tissue doesn't tan.

Keloid scars
A keloid scar is an overgrowth of tissue that happens whilst too much collagen is produced at the web page of the wound.

The scar keeps growing, even after the wound has healed.

Keloid scars are raised above the skin and are red or pink while newly formed, earlier than steadily turning into paler. they may be frequently itchy or painful, and can restriction motion if they're tight and close to a joint.

Hypertrophic scars
Like keloid scars, hypertrophic scars are the end result of excess collagen being produced on the site of a wound.

but not as a whole lot collagen is produced in hypertrophic scars compared with keloid scars.

also, in contrast to keloid scars, hypertrophic scars don't make bigger past the boundary of the original wound, but they will continue to thicken for up to six months.

Hypertrophic scars are purple and raised to start with, before becoming flatter and paler over the path of numerous years.

Pitted or sunken scars
some scars caused by pores and skin situations, such as zits and chickenpox, could have a sunken or pitted appearance.

Pitted scars, additionally known as atrophic or "ice-pick out" scars, also can occur because of an harm that causes a lack of underlying fat.

Scar contractures
Scar contractures are regularly because of burns.

They arise whilst the pores and skin "shrinks", main to tightness and a limit in motion.

Treating scars
whole scar elimination is not possible, however most scars will gradually fade and turn out to be paler over the years.

a number of remedies are to be had that can enhance a scar's appearance and help make it much less visible.

If scarring is unpleasant, uncomfortable or restrictive, remedy alternatives may encompass:

topical silicone gel or silicone gel sheets
stress dressings
pores and skin camouflage (make-up)
surgical procedure
in many cases, a combination of treatments may be used.

examine more approximately treating scars.

Emotional outcomes of scarring
Scarring can have an effect on you both bodily and psychologically.

A scar, mainly if it is on your face, can be very distressing. The scenario can be made worse if you feel you are being stared at.

in case you keep away from assembly human beings because of your appearance, it's easy to turn out to be socially remoted. this may lead to feelings of depression.

See your GP in case you experience your scars are making you depressed, or if they are affecting your every day sports.

examine more about dwelling with facial disfigurement and enhancing shallowness.

help and assist
some of assist businesses and businesses provide help and recommendation for people residing with scarring.

these include:

British association of pores and skin Camouflage
converting Faces
kid's Burns club
kid's Burns believe
Scar information provider
How scars commonly form
Scarring is a part of the body's natural recovery process after tissue is damaged.

whilst the skin is wounded, the tissues wreck, which reasons a protein called collagen to be launched. Collagen builds up where the tissue is broken, supporting to heal and reinforce the wound.

New collagen continues forming for numerous months and the blood supply increases, inflicting the scar to come to be purple, raised and lumpy.

In time, a few collagen breaks down on the web page of the wound and the blood deliver reduces. The scar progressively turns into smoother, softer and paler.

although scars are permanent, they are able to fade over a duration of up to two years. it's not likely they will fade any greater after this time.

Stretch marks
Stretch marks are narrow streaks or traces that seem on the skin's surface whilst the deeper layer of pores and skin (epidermis) tears.

they're regularly caused by hormonal modifications that occur throughout pregnancy or puberty, or due to bodybuilding or hormone alternative remedy.

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