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Silicosis is a long-term lung disease caused by inhaling large amounts of crystalline silica dust, usually over many years.

Silica is a substance certainly located in certain sorts of stone, rock, sand and clay. operating with those materials can create a very fine dust that may be effortlessly inhaled.

once within the lungs, the dirt debris are attacked by the immune gadget.

This reasons swelling (irritation) and gradually results in regions of hardened and scarred lung tissue (fibrosis). Lung tissue it truly is scarred in this manner doesn't feature properly.

folks who paintings within the following industries are specifically at chance:

stone masonry and stone reducing – particularly with sandstone
creation and demolition – as a result of exposure to concrete and paving substances
pottery, ceramics and glass manufacturing
mining and quarrying
sand blasting
signs and signs
The symptoms of silicosis generally take a few years to increase, and you can no longer note any issues until after you have stopped operating with silica dust.

The signs also can retain to worsen, even if you're now not uncovered.

Silicosis commonly develops after being uncovered to silica for 10-20 years, despite the fact that it could every now and then develop after five-10 years of publicity. from time to time, it can occur after only a few months of very heavy exposure.

major symptoms
the principle symptoms of silicosis are:

a continual cough
chronic shortness of breath
weak point and tiredness
If the condition continues to worsen, those signs might also turn out to be extra extreme.

a few people may in the end locate simple sports which include taking walks or hiking stairs very hard and may be in large part restrained to their residence or bed.

The condition can ultimately be fatal if the lungs prevent operating well (respiratory failure) or extreme headaches expand, however this is rare inside the uk.

further problems
Silicosis can also increase your threat of having other severe and potentially lifestyles-threatening conditions, which includes:

tuberculosis (TB) and other chest infections
pulmonary hypertension
heart failure
kidney sickness
chronic obstructive pulmonary sickness (COPD)
lung most cancers
when to look your GP
See your GP in case you suppose there is a possibility you can have silicosis.

they may ask you about your signs and symptoms and work history, and concentrate for your lungs with a stethoscope.

they'll want to understand about any durations when you may have been uncovered to silica and whether or not you have been issued with any protection system, which includes a face masks, when you were working.

If silicosis is suspected, you'll be referred to a expert for in addition checks to verify the diagnosis.

tests you can have encompass:

a chest X-ray to discover abnormalities inside the shape of your lungs
a computerised tomography (CT) scan of your chest to provide more precise photos of your lungs
lung function trying out (spirometry), which entails respiration right into a device known as a spirometer to evaluate how properly your lungs are running
A test for TB can also be endorsed because you are more likely to get TB when you have silicosis.

Treating silicosis
there may be no therapy for silicosis due to the fact the lung damage cannot be reversed. treatment goals to alleviate symptoms and enhance satisfactory of existence.

The condition may additionally preserve to worsen, main to further lung damage and severe disability, even though this will take place very slowly over many years.

The risk of complications can be reduced if you:

ensure you're no longer exposed to any more silica
forestall smoking (in case you smoke)
have ordinary checks to test for TB, if counseled via your health practitioner
have the yearly flu jab and the pneumococcal vaccination
you will be offered long-time period oxygen remedy if you're having problem respiration and have low ranges of oxygen in your blood.

Bronchodilator medicines can also be prescribed to widen your airlines and make breathing simpler.

you will be given a course of antibiotics if you develop a bacterial chest contamination.

In very severe instances, a lung transplant can be an alternative, despite the fact that there are strict fitness necessities to fulfill earlier than this could be taken into consideration.

stopping silicosis
Silicosis may be prevented by using keeping off prolonged publicity to silica dust.

in the united kingdom, all places of work ought to observe The manipulate of materials dangerous to fitness rules 2002, which units a place of job exposure restriction for silica.

Your organization need to:

alert you approximately any risks to your fitness
make sure you are aware of the correct procedures to reduce your threat of exposure to silica dust
supply you with the necessary system to defend you
you can examine more exact records about the control of publicity to silica dirt (PDF, ninety nine.5kb) at the fitness and safety govt website.

Claiming compensation
in case you've been diagnosed with silicosis, you will be able to declare compensation in one of the following approaches:

industrial accidents disablement gain – a amount of money paid weekly to humans with silicosis who have been uncovered to silica even as in employment (but now not self-employment) and to human beings who've silicosis and lung cancer
launch a civil declare for repayment through the courts (you may need to get legal recommendation approximately the way to do that)
claim a lump sum in compensation below the Pneumoconiosis and so on. (employees' reimbursement) Act 1979 – if you have silicosis, or you are the dependant of someone who has died from the circumstance, and you have not been able to get repayment thru the courts because the organisation in charge has stopped buying and selling

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