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Smelly pee on its own isn't usually a cause for concern

There are regularly things you can do to assist your pee go back to everyday.

commonplace causes of smelly pee
Pee is typically clear or pale yellow, with a mild smell.

common things that may make your pee smell stronger consist of:

certain kinds of food and drinks, like asparagus or espresso
being dehydrated
some medicines
diet B6 dietary supplements
things you may do yourself
attempt these things to help preserve your pee clear and smelling mild.

drink plenty of fluids, mainly water or squash – drink more in hot weather and when workout
do not
drink loads of coffee or alcohol
devour garlic or asparagus – they include robust-smelling chemical substances which can bypass into your pee
take greater than 10mg of vitamin B6 an afternoon
See a GP if you have stinky pee and:
you want to pee , or extra frequently than regular
you've got pain or a burning sensation when peeing
there may be blood in your pee
you've got decrease tummy painA snake will every now and then chew in self-defence if disturbed or provoked.

most snake bites arise while a person by accident steps on a snake even as taking walks within the countryside.

a few snakes are venomous and can inject venom containing pollutants as they bite. A chunk from a venomous snake is a scientific emergency because it may be lethal if not dealt with speedy.

image of an adder – the handiest wild venomous snakes inside the united kingdom
inside the uk, adders (pictured above) are the handiest venomous snakes discovered inside the wild.

human beings additionally maintain overseas (exotic) venomous snakes, from time to time illegally.

distinguished snakes had been recognised to chew whilst being dealt with carelessly, or after they get away from their cages.

there may be additionally a risk of being bitten even as visiting abroad to tropical international locations.

What to do after a snake chunk
at once after being bitten by means of a snake you have to:

remain calm and don't panic – snake bites, mainly people who occur in the uk, usually aren't extreme and are simplest very hardly ever deadly
try to recollect the shape, length and shade of the snake
preserve the part of your frame it is been bitten as still as feasible to prevent the venom spreading around your frame
put off jewellery and watches from the bitten limb as they could reduce into your skin if the limb swells
do not try to remove any apparel, however loosen garb if viable
searching for immediate clinical interest
in case you or someone you're with is bitten via a snake, you ought to now not:

try to suck the venom out of the chunk
attempt to reduce the venom out of the chunk or make it bleed
rub some thing into the wound or observe ice, warmness or chemicals
depart a person who's been bitten on their own
placed some thing across the bitten limb to stop the spread of venom (together with a tight pressure band, tourniquet or ligature) as it might not help, and can cause swelling or make it worse; it is able to additionally damage the limb, leading to the want for amputation
try to trap or kill the snake
Dial 999 right now after being bitten with the aid of a snake to invite for an ambulance, or go instantly to your nearest accident and emergency (A&E) branch.

You have to give healthcare specialists a description of the snake to assist become aware of it.

you'll be admitted to clinic so the bite may be assessed and your situation intently monitored.

symptoms of snake bites
Venomous snakes can occasionally bite with out injecting venom. this is referred to as a "dry chew", and it reasons moderate pain from the snake's tooth puncturing the pores and skin as well as tension.

If, after an adder bite, there are not any other symptoms, along with swelling, it's probable a dry chunk.

You have to nevertheless go to your nearest twist of fate and emergency (A&E) department as symptoms that venom has been injected won't seem until later – up to two hours or more after an adder chunk, or even longer after an amazing snake chunk.

Venomous snake bites (adder and overseas)
Adder and foreign snake bites can motive similar symptoms.

signs of an adder chunk when venom has been injected consist of:

excessive pain on the area of the chew
swelling, redness and bruising at the place of the chunk, spreading up the bitten limb
feeling unwell (nausea) observed with the aid of vomiting
itchy lumps on the skin (hives or nettle rash)
swelling of the lips, tongue, gums and throat
respiration problems with wheezing, just like allergies
intellectual confusion, dizziness or fainting
an irregular heartbeat
For foreign snake bites, signs and symptoms can also encompass:

dizziness, faintness, collapse and surprise
bleeding from the mouth, nostril and wounds
vomiting blood or passing blood in urine or stools
muscle paralysis, which could lead to breathing difficulties
in the most excessive cases, a venomous snake chunk may additionally reason:

big swelling, blistering and finally tissue demise (gangrene) within the vicinity of the chew
paralysis – beginning with drooping of the top eyelids and progressing down the body to supply an lack of ability to swallow, breathe or move
shock and lack of recognition
kidney failure with little or no urine being exceeded
large blood loss – because of bleeding from the mouth, nose and wounds, vomiting blood, and passing blood in urine or stools
Dial 999 to invite for an ambulance if someone is bitten with the aid of an adder or overseas snake and faints or develops signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis.

In a small quantity of humans, a snake bite can trigger a extreme reaction, known as anaphylaxis or anaphylactic surprise. this may arise at once after a chunk or several hours later.

Anaphylaxis need to continually be dealt with as a scientific emergency. Left untreated, anaphylaxis may be lifestyles threatening.

signs of anaphylaxis encompass:

itchy pores and skin with hives and redness
swollen face, lips, tongue and throat
swelling inside the throat which can reason breathing problems
wheezing and trouble respiratory
rapid heartbeat
nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea
Anaphylaxis also can reason a drop in blood strain, which can result in shock and cause signs and symptoms which include:

dizziness or mental confusion
faintness, loss of attention or collapsing
bloodless and clammy skin
read more approximately anaphylaxis.

someone who's been bitten by way of a snake may fit into surprise. shock is a life-threatening situation that occurs while there's an insufficient supply of oxygen to the frame.

shock have to always be handled as a medical emergency – you should dial 999 to request an ambulance without delay.

signs of surprise encompass:

faintness or collapsing
light, cold, clammy skin
fast, shallow respiration
weak spot and dizziness
feeling unwell and likely vomiting
drowsiness or loss of consciousness
After calling an ambulance, lay the individual down and raise and support their legs. Use a coat or blanket to hold them warm.

read greater approximately how to deal with shock.

Treating snake bites
if you're bitten by way of a snake, visit your nearest coincidence and emergency (A&E) branch, or dial 999 to request an ambulance.

In maximum cases, you may need to live in hospital for a quick period after a snake bite. this is so team of workers can preserve you under observation in case you increase symptoms that endorse venom has been injected.

As a precaution, you will be asked to live in hospital for at least 24 hours so your blood stress and popular fitness may be monitored.

Antivenoms are antidotes to snake venom and are used to treat greater extreme snake bites. They comprise antibodies, which are proteins that neutralise the results of the snake's venom pollution.

In some people, antivenoms can trigger a excessive reaction called anaphylaxis, so it is essential you are carefully monitored after receiving this treatment. Anaphylaxis is treated with adrenaline.

because of the chance of anaphylaxis, antivenom should most effective take delivery of with the aid of a certified healthcare professional.

If the snake chew is extreme and your blood stress has fallen appreciably, you can want intravenous fluids administered without delay right into a vein in your arm. you can additionally need a blood transfusion in case you've misplaced a whole lot of blood.

restoration instances for snake bites can range relying on the species of snake concerned.

In most cases, children bitten by means of an adder will make a complete healing in one to 2 weeks.

Adults commonly take greater than three weeks to get better fully, with 1 / 4 taking among one to nine months. Early remedy with antivenom can lessen those times.

throughout the recuperation length, you could revel in episodes of pain and swelling inside the region it really is been bitten.

those signs and symptoms can commonly be managed by using taking over-the-counter painkillers, together with paracetamol, and continuing to exercising the limb.

stopping snake bites
follow the recommendation listed underneath if you're in a place wherein venomous snakes are discovered:

look out for caution notices on heaths and commons
put on boots and long trousers
never select up a snake, even in case you think it is harmless or it appears dead
never put your hand in a hole or crevice (for example, between rocks) – in case you need to retrieve something, stand properly lower back and use a persist with reach it
in case you discover yourself very near a snake, stand completely nonetheless – most snakes best strike at moving targets, so the snake will escape with out harming you in case you stay calm and nevertheless
journeying abroad
in case you're bitten through a snake even as overseas, you have to count on it is a scientific emergency and get in touch with the relevant emergency clinical offerings.

in case you're visiting to a place where there's a hazard of being bitten by using a snake, ensure  a way to touch emergency medical services in that u . s ..

while journeying abroad, carry a primary aid package that contains medicinal drugs, which include painkillers, antacids (for indigestion) and rehydration sachets (for diarrhoea). It need to additionally consist of plasters, non-adherent dressings and bandages, insect repellent, and solar cream.

examine extra fitness advice whilst visiting abroad.

Adder or grass snake?
photograph of an adder
Adders have a darkish zigzag stripe down their back
image of a grass snake
Grass snakes have black flecks or bands, and a yellow collar in the back of the top
Adders have a unique darkish zigzag stripe down their lower back. they are quite brief, growing as much as a most of 75cm (2ft 6in) long.

Adders have a massive head and slit-formed pupils.

men are commonly gray with black markings, and females are commonly brown with darker brown markings.

however, every now and then adders can be silver, yellow, inexperienced or absolutely black.

The adder is common all through mainland Britain and some islands off the west coast of Scotland, such as a number of the internal Hebridean Islands.

Adders can every so often be harassed with grass snakes, which can be longer (up to 120cm, or 3ft 11in).

Grass snakes are green, gray or brown with black flecks or bands, and have a function yellow collar behind their head. they're speedy moving and are regularly determined near water.

How commonplace are snake bites?
There are tens of millions of venomous snake bites each yr round the world, resulting in greater than a hundred,000 deaths.

most of the people of fatalities occur in south and southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, New Guinea and Latin the us.

Rural farming communities are often affected, wherein get entry to to emergency medical offerings is restrained or non-existent.

within the united kingdom, approximately one hundred adder bites are reported each 12 months. most bites occur between June and August, with the wide variety peaking throughout July.

Deaths from adder bites are uncommon. There had been 14 suggested deaths on the grounds that statistics started in 1876, with the last demise in 1975.

much less than 10 united kingdom residents are bitten with the aid of overseas snakes each year, either at the same time as travelling abroad or by way of captive snakes stored on this us of a.

you sense tired and sick
you're feeling careworn or agitated
these can be signs of a urinary tract infection (UTI).

less not unusual reasons of smelly pee
different symptoms you have got may come up with an concept of what is inflicting your pee to scent. but don't self-diagnose – continually see a GP.

signs viable cause
Feeling very thirsty and tired, peeing extra than typical, candy-smelling pee kind 2 diabetes
lower returned pain, pain while peeing, blood in pee kidney stones
Yellow skin and eyes (jaundice), tummy pain, nausea and vomiting liver failure

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